PELADN WO4 Mini PC Ryzen 5 5700U

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  • AMD Ryzen™ 5 5700U
  • AMD Radeon™ RX Vega 7
  • HardCore 2.0 Magnetic Cover
  • WiFi 6 and Bluetooth5.2
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  • 30 Days Hassle-free return
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5700U
Peladn WO4 5500U Mini PC

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Don't underestimate it's size, its a super powerful machine. Booted to Windows 11 Pro OOBE (lots of suspect devices skip this because they weren't setup properly). Loaded a few testing utils after setup to ensure proper function. Everything works great, and at performance levels expected for the hardware. A full load stress (GPU + All CPU cores) test barely took the machine to 60ºC after an hour, this is amazing for a machine this size. It seems they have done a good job of designing the cooling fan and heatsink for this.
SSD tests return about 2.8GB/s reads, about half that for writes. Not the best SSD, but well above SATA interface limitations, so it's certainly an NVMe in here. Doubt you'd be able to tell the difference with a better one without benchmarks anyway. Did a few scans with AV tools, they all scanned quickly and returned no suspect software on the device. Actually nothing on there other than the garbage Windows comes with now and the drivers needed to support the device.
RAM is a single 16GB stick :( but this does make upgrading to dual channel 32GB easy and cheap, which I will probably do anyway. Wifi and BT work as expected. One of the nics is actually 2.5Gbit so that was great to find out. I haven't been able to find anything to run on this that will push the fan beyond "barely audible", you can hear it at full tilt, but I wouldn't even consider calling it loud. Top plate is magnetic and easily removed, and even comes with cable to connect a 2.5" drive inside for bulk storage. BIOS has more options than I know how to figure out, so plenty there to fiddle with if that's your thing.
I guess if I had to pick something bad to say about it, it seems the entire hardware assembly inside the case is "loose". You can feel it move back and forth inside if you shake it (but maybe don't do that?). It is initially a bit unnerving to feel, but being that it is the entire assembly moving inside, there shouldn't be any fatigue issues (no connections or interfaces are stressed by this movement). I didn't disassemble yet but I think the whole board just clips into place is the cause for this. All this is a non-issue once the computer is in place (or mounted up with the included VESA mount) anyway.
Overall, these tiny machines are a great replacement for any computer short of a high end gaming machine. This seems to be a well designed platform for the 5700U that lets it thrive. If you are looking for something like this, I'd not hesitate to suggest this one, I don't know who PELADN is, but they've really done good work here.

Retired USAF
Good PC Replacement

It has been an excellent upgrade for my older PC. No problems making the transition and the ability to move my old ssd card for file transition was nice. Performance is really good. Would definitely buy again.