PELADN WO4 Mini PC Ryzen 5 5500U

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  • AMD Ryzen™ 5 5500U
  • AMD Radeon™ RX Vega 7
  • HardCore 2.0 Magnetic Cover
  • WiFi 6 and Bluetooth5.2
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CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5500U
Peladn WO4 5500U Mini PC

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Boy
Great little Mini PC

So I wanted to take my time and really give a detailed review of this product so I spent hours testing alot of things out on it. This was advertised as a gaming mini PC with 16 gigs of ram and 512 M2 Chip. So I knew I was going to have some fun. First I installed a gaming rating program that would test this computer for usability for Level A B and C games. Then I did a spec check to see what was inside and then I tested a few games on it as well as some office applications.
First off The benchmark tests did not go so well. (wait, it still has five stars) So lets not get ahead of ourselves. The benchmark tested this computer based on today's levels of games and it got a rating of 7,000. In comparison, an office laptop got 14,000 and a gaming PC got 80,000 score. I tested the video speed which averaged 35 FPS for physics movement and 60 FPS for everything else. I tested this with a number of games and it ran all Level C rated games and most B rated games. So that means most causal players could use this computer. But none of the A rated games would work well. So I took it apart to find why.
After running a spec check I found that even though it is a Radeon graphics card, there was no listing of the model of the card. No software could identify it. Then when I wanted to see how much memory it had, I found it only had 1 gig of video RAM and instead would borrow 8 gigs of ram from the 16 that are on the PC. So when you are playing a heaving game it would reduce your RAM by half just to handle the graphics. This would drop frame rate right away.
So then you get to the 512 M2 Chip. Well it ended up being 1 terrabyte M2 chip so that was really nice. Double to size than was advertised AWESOME. This chip was fast and worked well. Windows 11 is installed and the updates were disabled. I when ahead and did all the updates and did not have any issues.
So when I opened up my unit I noticed that I was missing two of the little magnets that held the lid on. It comes with a nice VESA mount but without the magnets the top would just open and fall so I decided not to mount it. I noticed an upgrade cable for adding an SSD hard drive but no instructions on how to do it. I read all the paperwork but it was just safety warnings and letting you know what all the plugs are.
Now I did find a video only on how to install the SSD and that was nice and easy.
So what should you use this device for. For the price this is a great way to run email and most office 365 products. It does play a number of games for causal style gamers, so it is great for most kids. But where this really shined was the three different network connections. With this you could run a virtual machine and build a good router out of it. This is also great as a fileserver and even better you can install it behind your TV and make is a video server. This does have a wireless network as well as two wired connections so you have a lot of options.
For the price I am very pleased with this product. It had more hard drive space than expected and had the ability to increase space with a SSD. The size really leans for uses like signage or video servers. This is a great value for the price and worth a good look when needing a small mini PC.

Mike B.
1TB M.2 Drive, 16GB of fast DD4 Memory, Win 11 Pro

The AMD Ryzen 7 5700U with built in graphics makes this an excellent home office PC and it's small size is perfect for setting up on a small desk. It's not a gaming computer by any sense of the meaning but the generous 1TB M.2 SSD and 16GB of DDR 4 RAM make this an outstanding system for daily home and office work.

In addition the CPU has 8 cores and can run 16 threads simultaneous so it makes this tiny PC a great home automation server. That's what I'm using if for.

Rob R.
Incredible value

I purchased the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 version of this computer with my own money. These machines, especially the Ryzen 5 model, are an incredible value for the power you're getting.

Interestingly, the Ryzen 5 and 7 models have different Windows 11 Pro images... at least the ones I got do. Both are modified from a standard Windows 11 installation, so it would be best to just wipe the SSD and do a fresh install of the operating system. There was no problem activating a fresh install of Windows 11 Pro automatically without entering a key. Very nice. Most drivers are detected aside from the wifi card. I was able to find the generic Realtek RTL8852BE driver online without much trouble.

There are a couple downsides to these machines. But, they're mostly forgivable considering the price. The 16GB of DDR4 RAM comes as a single stick, hurting performance. The upside to this is you can just drop another 16GB stick into the empty slot relatively cheaply. The preinstalled M.2 SSD is of questionable quality. I didn't run benchmarks on it, but I replaced it with a 1TB on one machine and 4TB on another. The 4TB worked no-problem. The two rear USB-A ports are both USB 2.0 speed. It would have been nice if at least one was USB 3.0. The included power supply seems cheap and has a short cord. The specs seem to indicate it's a standard 19V NUC power supply, so getting a replacement should be simple.

Overall, this is a quiet, powerful, mini PC at a price that seems almost impossible.... as long as the hardware lasts.

Lots of power in a tiny form factor

This mini PC is a gem. It's surprisingly powerful for its price point, making it a steal.Its capabilities exceeded my expectations. I tested it with a range of games, on a 1920x1080 monitor, and it performed admirably with its 6-core CPU and Radeon Integrated graphics. Transitioning it into a home office workstation was seamless, where it effortlessly handled everyday tasks. The speed and performance rival that of other machines around this price point, making it a versatile addition to any setup.

What truly impresses about this micro mini PC is its blend of compact size and potent performance. Equipped with a respectable CPU and expandable memory options, it effortlessly tackles gaming, video streaming, and office tasks alike. Its inclusion of Windows 11 Pro out of the box adds value. It seamlessly accommodated additional storage. With its potential for casual gaming, media streaming, and workstation duties, this mini PC punches well above its weight, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking versatility without breaking the bank.

Deuce's Dad
Powerful, Portable, and Priced Right

I don't know where to begin with this mini PC. My expectations were really low, thinking at this price this couldn't be more than a novelty. But the moment I first turned it on and it started running through the Windows 11 a "real computer" got my attention. Then when I connected my peripherals and started downloading software, I'm like, "wow! what's the catch? Why would I ever need a full size desktop PC?". After several moths of using for productivity stuff mostly (no heavy gaming or photo editing), I find this PC to be quite awesome. It is fast, has an impressive processor, and very quiet. Low heat and has done everything I have asked of it. Runs all my Office and Adobe products with no issues. Connects wirelessly to several printers in the house and I can pretty much have 10 windows open and see no drop in performance. An amazing little marvel, and paired with my portable monitor and wireless keyboard/mouse combo, I could make a serious argument for ditching my laptops. This could fit in my toiletry bag!