PELADN HA-4 Mini PC AMD Ryzen 7840Hs

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  • AMD Ryzen™ R7 7840HS
  • AMD Radeon™ 780M
  • AMD Ryzen™ AI (Up to 10 TOPS)
  • Hard-core 2.0 Aluminum Cover
  • Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7840HS

Customer Reviews

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Unbelievably Good

This thing is built like a tank. Its weight is shocking at first, and the fit&finish are impeccable. Right off the bat, these are populated with only one SODIMM (as described) so you can add another module (I used a Crucial stick of the same size/type) with no issue. The fan noise is very pleasant - it has a 'whoosh' sound instead of a whiny, high-pitched noise.

- Fast. Very fast. I briefly tried out windows 11 (included) and it was very speedy. There was no bloatware on it as well (which I found surprising). Running ChimeraOS, steam games run shockingly well.
- Quiet. Pleasant fan noise that only ramps rarely.
- Well-built. The fit & finish are very, very nice. All pieces fit together extremely well.
- RGB hardware button. There's a button on the back that requires only one press to turn off the RGB lights on the top. The 'off' state is remembered across reboots/power cuts!
- BIOS. This appears to run a 'reference' AMD BIOS (this is a good thing) that exposes a LOT of options.

- Front USB ports are extremely tight - it's a struggle to plug/unplug items.
- Only one M.2 slot - Another slot would've been nice.
- I wish it had the option for a USB-C PD port (instead of a 19V barrel jack).

For the price (I was able to grab it for $450!) this has got to be the best AMD 7840-based mini PC out there. I would absolutely buy another one. I was hesitant at first as I'd never heard of this company but they quickly went to the top of my 'good brands' list after fiddling with this system.

excellent device

I found this mini PC to be super functional, its processor is very powerful and I can play with the Xbox Game Pass normally even games that require a bit like Fortnite, the only thing is that the USB port is a little tight but nothing to worry about

Wonderful desktop tower replacement

Got this on a lighting deal to replace the power hog desktop tower I had been using. People are always surprised that my home PC is running on this little box. I immediately replaced the OS with POP OS Linux, I've been a Linux user for about 15 years. The only negative is that the CPU fan is loud like a laptop fan. It's a little annoying, but not a deal breaker.

Great when it worked properly, but graphics issues after updating Windows 11...

Seemingly solid build quality on the surface, and a good price for the advertised specs with OS included. My problems started when I applied updates to Windows 11. When the system rebooted I had display corruption issues on the Windows 11 login screen. To the point where I couldn't see what I was typing for a password. The true oddity was that the behavior persisted after multiple reboots. I pulled the power, held the power put for an extended amounts of time but the corruption would not go away. Eventually I figured "what the heck" let's pull the system memory because it's using an integrated GPU which relies on system memory to work. After pulling the memory the issue went away. My major issue is that this system was intended to be used by my 80 year old dad. He's pretty tech savvy but I can't expect him to be pulling system memory every time this happens.

When I spoke with the seller they told me to reach out to Amazon for a free replacement. They didn't answer if they had seen the problem with other systems in the past. I thought maybe they were aware and could offer some advice. They offered none.

When I did this Amazon said they can't do anything for me and that I have to return the current system. With that said I'm just going to return the item and build my own mitx system. At least the build quality will be on me at that point. I wrote back to the seller stating what Amazon told me and the seller still hasn't replied back.

Basically I've wasted a bunch of my time already, and I still have to low level format the system before I return it because it has personal information on it. So if I could do this again I would most likely going with a different product, or build my own system from scratch. This sounded like a good deal on paper but that all went out the window when the graphics issue started to happen. I will the system ran very well when it worked, it was snappy, gpu was great for integrated graphics, hd was quick, etc. Passmark scores matched similar systems.

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Gute Qualität

Ich habe den PELADN HA-4 Mini-PC getestet und hier sind die positiven ✅ und negativen ❌ Aspekte:

Was mir gefallen hat:

✅ Leistungsstarker Mini-PC mit AMD Ryzen 7 Prozessor.
✅ Großer RAM und schnelle SSD.
✅ 4K-Auflösung und Quad-Display-Unterstützung.
✅ Kompakte Größe und gute Wärmeableitung.
✅ Lebenslange technische Unterstützung.
✅Sehr Leise

Was mir nicht gefallen hat:

❌ Schwacher WLAN-Empfang.
❌enge USB-Ports vorne.
❌Windows könnte nicht bestätigt werden.

Ich hoffe, meine Meinung hilft Ihnen bei Ihrer Entscheidung, danke fürs Lesen!