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PELADN HO4 Mini PC Build Up A Head Of Steam

PELADN HO4 Mini PC Build Up A Head Of Steam

In the slogan of “BEYOND THE GAMERS”, PELADN HO4 mini PC stands at the forefront of the times with its unique combination of cutting-edge AI technology and outstanding performance. Now, let’s unveil the mystery of HO4 and find out how it can reshape our new understanding of work and play with its cutting-edge AI technology and powerful performance.

HO4 is equipped with the AMD Ryzen 7000 and 8000 series processor family with built-in AMD Ryzen AI engine, up to the optional Ryzen 9 8945HS with up to 5.2GHz frequency, and its built-in next-generation XDNA2 NPU represents a new kind of intelligent computing power. It’s not just a boost to efficiency, it’s a boost to creativity. Whether developers are rapidly iterating on AI models or content creators are using AI for automated optimization of images and videos, HO4 turns ideas into reality with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

While ensuring the powerful performance of HO4, PELADN has paid special attention to the heat dissipation design of the machine by adopting the revolutionary Vapor Chamber. Compared with the traditional heat pipe solution, the Vapor Chamber spreading plate can disperse the heat more efficiently and export it out of the machine body quickly, which can ensure the coolness and stability of the machine even under long time and high intensity usage. What’s more, this cooling technology realizes quiet operation with almost zero noise, allowing users to enjoy peace and quiet in an immersive experience.


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